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Domain Driven Design (DDD). La conception pilotée par le domaine est une approche de la conception de logiciel basée sur deux principes :
-les conceptions complexes doivent être basées sur un modèle.
-l'accent doit être sur le domaine et la logique associée.
L'expression provient du livre de Eric Evans intitulé domain-driven design.

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Introduction to Domain Driven Design

Real examples and exercises

Dmitry Baranovsky - Fleetmatics Ireland Limited

Introduction to Domain Driven Design

The interaction of the group to solve the issues

Evan O'Gorman - Fleetmatics Ireland Limited

Plans des Formations Domain Driven Design

Code Nom Durée Aperçu
dddintro Introduction to Domain Driven Design 14 heures What Is Domain-Driven Design (DDD) Building Domain Knowledge The Ubiquitous Language The Need for a Common Language Creating the Ubiquitous Language The Building Blocks Of A Model-Driven Design Layered Architecture Entities Value Objects Services Modules Aggregates Factories Repositories Refactoring Toward Deeper Insight Continuous Refactoring Bring Key Concepts Into Light Preserving Model Integrity Bounded Context Continuous Integration Context Map Shared Kernel Customer-Supplier Conformist Anticorruption Layer Separate Ways Open Host Service Distillation
qaci Quality Assurance and Continuous Integration 14 heures Training is open to both developers, Scrum Masters, Product Owner and also some aspects of the business department. The purpose of training is to introduce topics Quality Assurance and Continuous Integration and their place in projects conducted agile methodologies. Participants will gain a broad perspective on the issues discussed as well as practical knowledge of the tools and processes of software development in line with the QA / CI. Representatives of business, will be able to know the benefits of implementing those tools and processes and translate into both the time and cost of software development. The issues presented are based on PHP or Java, depending on customer requirements. QA/CI What is QA? What is CI? The costs of software development, refactoring and fix errors Identifying and understanding the project Profit for the organization DDD Software development based on business requirements, assumptions DDD Problems in communication IT-Business Domain Model Best Practices KISS principle and DRY Coding standards Creating reusable code through OOP and design patterns Identifying and reducing cyclomatic complexity Software Metrics Weight Method per Class Response For a Class Depth of Inheritance Tree Coupling Between Objects Lack of Cohesion of Methods Number of Children Cyclomatic complexity Metrics class Model Metrics Metrics for use Software Testing What, when and how to test? The method of "white-box" and "black box" The role of testing in agile methodologies TDD only a potential increase in the cost of the project Unit testing with JUnit (Java), PHPUnit (PHP) Behavioral tests of JBehave (Java), Behat and Mink (PHP) Functional tests Refactoring What is refactoring? Debt technology Code smell Refactoring patterns Documentation The role of documentation in agile methodologies What to document? Types of documentation Documentation and agile methodologies, or you can call (Working software over comprehensive documentation)? Standard XMI Automatic generation of documentation from the Javadoc (Java), ApiGen (PHP) Tools and Environment CI Tools and Environment CI PMD (Java), phpmd (PHP) CPD (Java), phpcpd (PHP) Lines Of Code Counter (Java), phploc (PHP) UCDetector (Java), phpdcd (PHP) Jdepend (Java), phpdepend (PHP) Jenkins Continuous Integration Server Agile and CI/QA Planning and incremental development Embracing Change Short stages Interdisciplinary team Extreme Programming, Code Review Individuals and interactions over processes and tools Summation Discussion Questions How do you begin the process of implementation?

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